One common thread across consistently successful leaders is their strategic perspective—not just about the business, but also about themselves and their own careers. In one sense, the strategic view means that they have a long-term picture of what they want to achieve. But just as importantly, it means they are repeatedly making a point to step back from day-to-day work and examine the value they are bringing to the organization right now.

These are the kinds of questions that these leaders are asking:

  1. This month/this week, I can easily track a long (perhaps too long) list of what I am doing. But what impact is it having? On the business, on my team? Is there any way that I can measure/track that value?
  2. Over this last quarter, what can I point to that would prove that the organization is better off because I’m here?
  3. If someone asked me to rattle off the things I’m doing that are making a difference and why, what would I say?
  4. Is there anything about how I am working (my behaviors, my style) that has been particularly effective lately?
  5. Do people keep coming to me for certain things? Do I have an especially positive reputation in any areas?
  6. What feedback am I getting? If I’m not getting any, who can I ask?

And then – these leaders write down what they uncover.

The purpose of capturing your own value is not to toot your own horn (though you may want to at times… or you may have to if asked, or if you are changing jobs).

The primary benefit is that you create a self-fulfilling cycle of ever-higher performance and growth. Your attention to your own value leads to frequent self-adjustment in how you are spending your time. You set a vital example for your team with your self-awareness and relentless emphasis on high-impact performance. Ultimately, you boost your own value to the business and as a leader in your field.

If you haven’t been capturing your value in this focused way, try it now, and then keep it up bimonthly or quarterly. You’ll reap the benefits.

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