Recently I’ve been noticing the breeze on my skin.

I used to try to be present by being aware of my feet. “Be where your feet are!” I had heard that phrase years ago, and I used that endlessly to ground me in the moment. To keep me present in what I was feeling, experiencing, and doing at any given point in time.

But recently, as I’ve sat outside, or driven in the car, or waited at a light, I’ve noticed the breeze on my skin. And it’s nice. It’s soft. It’s caressing. It’s an extremely pleasant feeling that I’d been missing for years, too many years.

So many of us go about on auto-pilot. We go through our day. We do what needs to get done. We have the “important” conversations and avoid the difficult ones. We mindlessly eat, drive, talk, read…seemingly everything. And there are so many sensations to experience, beautiful sights to see, and relationships to truly be a part of.

The breeze on my skin gives me something to appreciate at any moment…if I choose to notice it. It gives me something to enjoy…if I’m even aware. It brings a smile to my face…if I stop for a moment, just a moment to truly feel it. I really, really love the breeze on my skin.

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