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Who We Are

We’ll partner with you and your organization, bringing years of consulting and coaching experience, while offering your people the necessary skills and tools to develop strong leaders, teams and results...

What We Do

We customize experiential learning and skill development programs, as well as individual and group coaching, to engage your people and bring about lasting change in the workplace and must-have outcomes...

Our Book

We are all being called upon to do more with less, often overwhelmed and running on a leadership treadmill to simply stay in place and keep pace with demands. Thoughtful Leadership is an answer to this frenzy...

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From Our Clients

"Your program exceeded my expectations. The immediate and ongoing feedback provided by the team has been outstanding.

The true test is reflected in the fact that when I have asked team members about strategies used to solve certain problems.

Many have mentioned that they employed something learned in class or suggested during coaching sessions.

In addition, overall turnover in the field service organization has been cut by 40% in two years.

I attribute this to a couple of different things, of which the most significant is the skills learned during the Leadership Development Program.

Thanks again to you and Chatsworth for your help in improving the performance of the sales leadership team here at RSL."

Christopher A. Fazzini
Executive VP of Sales & Marketing
Reliance Standard Life Insurance
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