“Each moment missed is a moment unlived.”
~Jon Kabat-Zinn

Every time I misplace something, one refrain goes through my mind… “And I teach mindfulness.”

I do teach mindfulness, and I do my best to practice mindfulness. I know how important mindfulness is – to my life, to my work, to my leadership, to my relationships. And yet, it can be so damn difficult to do.

It is so easy to get caught up in stories in my head or my to-do lists or pretty much anything but the moment I’m actually in. Jon Kabat-Zinn would call those missed and unlived moments.

I’m tired of missing moments. I’m tired of not living the moments fully. If Thoughtful Leadership entails being present, intentional, and authentic, the first step is to be present. And in order to be present, I actually have to be mindful to this moment. Here. Now.

There is a time for to-do lists. There is even a time to reflect on the made-up stories in my head. Stories about why someone treated me the way they did or why my client isn’t returning my calls or what I need to do to get my client to return my calls (the to-do list again).

But when I remember to stop and pause and breathe, I am back in this moment, and I am living this moment. The non-stop ruminating and listing and questioning and judging in my head ceases for a moment, and I can be present and my best, most Thoughtful self.

I intend to miss fewer moments. How about you?

How have you learned to be more present and miss less?
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