“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

Nearly all of my client coaching sessions right now are focused on, “How? How do I get through this? How do I lead my team/organization through this? How will we go back to normal, whatever that is?”

Truth is, I have no idea. Someone recently told me a story of a seven-year-old asking their parent, “What did you do last time this happened?”

How do you explain that there is no last time (at least not since 1918)? How do you explain that we just don’t know?

What I say to my clients, and myself, is that you just keep trying. That there is no absolutely right answer or perfect next action, and all we can do is just keep going and keep trying to do our best.

Keep rising up every time we fall.

I heard a great insight today in my online yoga practice, “Right now, we are all showing up with both our most regressed actions and our most evolved ways of being – collectively in our society and we also see those elements in ourselves.” We are soaring, and we are falling. For some of us – for me at least – nearly every day.

But we keep going. We keep connecting with others. We keep trying to be our most evolved self and apologizing when we’re in our most regressed actions. We keep being authentic and vulnerable with our colleagues, and we keep doing our best to make the next almost-right decision and to take the almost-perfect next step.

And we keep rising up every time we fall.

How are you rising up these days?
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