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“The turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover the core strength within you.”
~Max Lerner

There are two concepts we share with our clients that surprise many of them. The first concept is that they have to learn to be dispensable. Not indispensable but dispensable. (I literally had a client stare at me in disbelief when I told her that. “What?” she said. “I’ve spent my whole career trying to prove how indispensable I was. What??”)  We coach our clients to build their team so that their team can work without them, so that they can do the “more important” work that is only theirs to do. The strategic thinking. The connecting and influencing. The removing of obstacles and building of alliances. The development of talent.

The second concept is that it’s more powerful and effective to learn to lead from your strengths than to “fix” your weaknesses. That it’s important to recognize and own what you’re good at and what value you bring – even more important than getting better at handling details if you can’t handle details or at speaking in front of a room if you’re terrified of being in front of a crowd.

Sure, it helps to know what your challenges and shortcomings are. But, as Max Lerner shared, it’s essential that you discover the core strength within you. It’s crucial that you realize how you contribute and how strong and resilient you are. Because knowing, and owning, this allows you to be your best and to lead from your best. It gives you the confidence to get through difficulties and the self-awareness to admit your mistakes. It gives you the strength of character to be vulnerable with others and the courage to stick to your beliefs. It gives you the poise to be open to other perspectives and the flexibility to look for win-win solutions. It’s at least part of what will help you live and lead through these challenging times.

Knowing, owning, and relying on your strengths is a turning point in the process of growing up and a key first step in developing as a Thoughtful leader.

What is your core strength and how did you discover it?
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