“I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.”
~Arthur Rubenstein

I always cringe a bit when we write about love. It’s a four-letter word and especially a four-letter word in the work world.

But I think we need more of it anyway, so we write about it anyway. So if you can’t stand the word “love” in a work-related blog, I invite you to substitute one of these words – passion or compassion or enthusiasm (or whatever works for you) – and keep reading.

I agree with Arthur Rubenstein, and I have found that when I’m having the hardest time working with – or even getting along with – the most difficult person, if I can find something to appreciate about them, or I can think of them (and treat them) as I would someone I truly cared about, it gets easier. Or they get easier. Or at least I get through the difficulty easier.

I coach my clients to find something – even some very small, miniscule thing – to love (or feel excited) about the dire problem at work. And they find a way to care about the project that they don’t care about. I challenge them to find something they do like, or want to learn, or can see the value in, and they reignite their engagement.

The task we don’t want to do, the person we don’t want to talk to, the issue (or colleague) we just wish would go away. When we find a way to love this part of life, it paves the way for something more positive to happen within, or around, us.

And when we are facing something wonderful? Something that thrills our heart and fuels our brain? When we lean into those thrilling, fueling things with all our heart, mind, and soul – when we love that part of life – man, but do they get even better?!

If you love life, life will – and does – love you back. Try it and let us know how it goes.

How have you loved life? How has that worked for you?
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