“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”
~Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson had an impact on a lot of lives.

We are, by our very nature of being human, self-centered beings. Our minds are made to focus on, and take care of, ourselves. We are also, by our very nature of being human, social beings. Our hearts (and maybe also our minds) are made to connect with others.

We can live our lives to connect with, and impact, others. We can choose daily based on the value we create and the legacies we leave. We can lead in order to lead others to their best, and guide our organizations (and teams, and families, and whomever might listen to us) to influence for good.

Thinking of the impact we want to have may strengthen us to withstand difficulties and persecution – like it did for Jackie Robinson. Aiming to have a positive impact may help us take the high road more often, or think through situations more carefully, or act from the heart when faced with a challenge.

When my clients have Thoughtfully determined the impact they want to have on others, they have become more Thoughtful and intentional. They have become more present, so that others feel appreciated by their attention. They have taken an extra moment to connect with someone personally, or to consider possible ramifications when making a decision.

Our lives are important. Our impact can be great when we lead and manage others. And our path can become clearer – and perhaps truer – when we think about the impact we want to have and live our lives so as to make that happen.

How have you increased your impact?
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