“Screw it, Let’s do it!”
~Richard Branson

Richard Branson must at least somewhat know what he’s doing, as he does so much and does so much of it so well.

There are times when something is in front of us, and yet we hold back on taking the action. We wait for more data. We think it through one more time. We’re concerned about the repercussions.

And sometimes that makes sense. Sometimes we do need to be cautious, or more certain before we dive in.

And sometimes we just have to say, “Screw it,” and jump in feet first.

We counsel our leaders to be Thoughtful – to be present, intentional, and authentic. We remind them to be purposeful – to think through where they’re going (and leading their team, department, organization, or family) and how best to get there – and to take actions that will yield the results they’re aiming for.

And sometimes we coach them towards “Screw it.”

Because we all can get caught in analysis-paralysis. Good ideas can be wasted, and great timing can be missed, when we’re not willing to just try something out and see what happens. Many of these jump-in situations don’t have ramifications that will close down businesses or blow apart relationships. For many of them, there’s actually no way of really knowing whether or not they’ll work unless we try them.

For many of these situations, those who follow us are waiting for our guidance, our model of what to do.

Sometimes we just have to say, “Screw it,” and do it, and see what happens. It apparently works for Richard Branson.

Where have you said “Screw it?”
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