“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”
~Steve Jobs

Where would we be without Apple? Life would be so different.

Apple has, for a very long time, defined innovation. Even as others copy them, or now, at times, begin to lead the way, Apple still defines innovation. Even the logo itself was innovative at its time. It meant exactly what?

That is why Apple was, and is, a leader. A beacon of the way to go and things to come.

Because it does require innovation – being willing to try new things and try new things differently – to lead. Followers are willing to see what’s been done before and copy it. Leaders are willing to see what might be, what hasn’t been tried, what might bring something new. Leaders are willing to risk and fail. To imagine and innovate. Leaders are willing to, as I paraphrase “go where no person has gone before.”

We must be willing to step outside boundaries, go outside comfort zones, and let ourselves think outside the box, to use a few overused catch phrases. Yet even though those phrases are overused, they resonate because they’re true. In order to lead, we must be willing to take a chance and see possibilities where others see restrictions.

Where do you innovate? Where have you tried something new?
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