“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”
~Norman Vincent Peale

You’ve maybe heard the saying, “you get what you expect.” Over the years, I’ve found this to be true – in my own life and in the lives I’m privileged to witness through my coaching and consulting practice. I’ve seen my clients expect the worst and get the worst, and look for the best and find it.

I’ve seen my clients (and myself) find a different way to think about a situation – or person – that’s driving them crazy. That they can’t stand. That is impossible to deal with. And I’ve seen them find more peace, or understanding, or even a way out of the impossible situation. Even if the situation – or person – hasn’t changed.

When a client is really struggling with a boss or colleague, I suggest that they find one thing – just one thing – to like or respect about the person who frustrates them so much. Just one thing. At times it can be tough – very tough – for them to come up with that one thing, but when they do, they often begin to see the person in a different light, or at least to have more patience if the situation, and the irritation, continues.

The same is true for the situations that are too much for us to handle. When we can find a way to look at it differently, to search for some ease, to find an aspect – no matter how small – that we can appreciate or that makes us smile, we can find a way to be in a different place. Even when we’re in the same place.

We can change our thoughts. We have that capability and power. And by changing our thoughts, we can, indeed, change our world. Simply by changing how and what we think about the people and situations around us, we can change how we experience the people and situations around us.

We can change our world.

How do you change your thoughts to change your world?
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