“Do you know how GREAT you are?”
~Sarah Trachtenberg

While we often hear about people in the world who think too highly of themselves, most people I interact with (clients, friends, and family members) need reminding of how great they actually are.

There is definitely a place – a good, important place – for humility, but more often than not, many of us also need a huge dose of PPP – Permission for Personal Power. We need to realize how great we are, how much we do, and how much we’re appreciated and, dare I say, loved.

Own your power and greatness, and watch yourself soar – with more to give to others, more impact at work and at home, and more pure enjoyment along the way. By letting go of the self-defeating behaviors of self-doubt and self-flagellation (the “I’m such an idiot,” “I should have known better,” “I’m no good at this,” that we all let run through our heads), you find a place where you’re more comfortable…and effective.

Modesty, again, is a great character trait, and at the right moments, it can ease situations and take us far. But so also is PPP – Permission for Personal Power. Try it, and discover how GREAT you are.

Post a reminder at your desk, or on your mirror, to practice PPP daily. Know how GREAT you really are.

How can you know your power and your greatness? Who can help you see it if you don’t see it yourself?
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