“Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure.”
~Thomas A. Edison

I was running with a few friends today and somehow the topic of personal growth came up. We all agreed that growth never ends…hopefully. That we all are constantly evolving – learning, adapting, incorporating new ideas and experiences – evolving.

We also got on the topic of appreciation. I happen to be a huge fan of practicing appreciation – of writing gratitude lists and keeping a gratitude journal, of practicing mindfulness and in your moments throughout your day noticing all that’s wonderful and beautiful, of acknowledging the people in your life and all they bring you, of rejoicing in and sharing your joy. All of these daily habits, I believe, lead us to happier, fuller lives…and to the chance to feel satisfied with our lives.

I do feel satisfied with my life, and for that I am extremely grateful. But I wouldn’t say I’m thoroughly satisfied, because there seems to always be more that I can do and accomplish and experience and learn. There seem to always be more ways to learn and to grow.

To be satisfied feels like a gift. To be complacent feels like giving up. Giving up on the more I can be and do and have and enjoy. Giving up on the bigger difference I can make, the greater number of lives I can touch, the experiences and understanding that are mine for the taking.

I want to be satisfied, and still moving forward.

How are you satisfied and how are you growing?
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