Balance is a dirty word. It’s become something we all think we should have, yet have no idea how to attain. So we beat ourselves up for being “out of balance” and look to others for the answer, the secret, the golden key. Or we just give up and resign ourselves to a life lived feeling overwhelmed, out of control, and out of balance.

Enough of this nonsense. I’ve decided that balance is attainable, at least sometimes. And especially as leaders – of ourselves, our teams, our companies and our communities – we have to be the ones to lead the way. To find our balance.

In Ten Steps to Finding More Balance in Your Life, we share ten simple, yet not so easy steps to defining and finding more balance in your life. From identifying what matters to you most (because if we’re focused on, and spending time on, the things and people that are important to us, our sense of balance increases); to noticing and getting rid of your tolerations (the things and people you tolerate) AND your clutter; to choosing situations, people, and experiences that bring you joy – all of these simple (yet not so easy) steps can help you attain the balance you want in your life.

Think of the tightrope walker. She may not be constantly in balance, as she sways back and forth and side to side. Her main goal is not to fall down. Our main goal can be the same. We simply have to determine what “falling down” is for us, define balance in a way that allows us to attain it, and do what we need to do. I think we all have to hunker down and answer the question “how do I achieve balance in my life?” and then take the actions. Because life is too busy, and too short, to be constantly out of balance.

In my humble opinion, it is time to stop the madness and guilt we feel about feeling out of balance, and to find ways to bring more balance to our world and our lives. We have to lead the way.

The question is how. I truly believe it is a conversation worth having. Especially now as the year ends and the New Year begins. Join the conversation.

How do you achieve balance in your life?
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