“Before sunlight can shine through a window, the blinds must be raised.”
~American Proverb

Many times a breakdown in a team, relationship, or conversation is simply based on a lack of complete knowledge. When the blinds aren’t raised, when we’re at least partially in the dark, we are operating without complete information. When we don’t have complete information, we react – we act upon something that isn’t necessarily true, or we make up information to fill the void. A colleague doesn’t return our phone call and we’re convinced they’re angry or out to get us. Our boss assigns a plum project to someone else and we’ve decided it’s time to get a new job because we’re no longer in favor. Our significant other clams up when it comes to a heated discussion, and we decide that they’re not invested in the relationship. While all of these may be true, we honestly just don’t know.

Raising the blinds allows light into the situation. Bringing further information and perspectives into a conversation or relationship allows a common truth to be shared and discussed. This allows us to see what is truly happening, to gain a better sense of someone else’s intentions and needs, and to let the light in and move forward.

A great way to raise the blinds and let in the light is with curiosity. When we ask questions to clarify our understanding, verify our beliefs, and/or learn more about someone else’s truth, we bring in more light and comprehension. We can inquire from others what they really mean and what their intentions really are. We may find out that our perspective was right on, or we may find out that our view was skewed by our lack of information. Either way, we’re raising the blinds and bringing more complete knowledge to the situation…and allowing a more effective relationship and outcome to develop.

Pick the stickiest situation you’re facing and find a way to let more information and light in.

Where in your life or work are the blinds down? Where do you need to raise them to let in more light and information?
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