In an blog post, Geoffrey James shares The True Secret to Success which is something we write (and speak) about frequently. Gratitude.

Geoffrey says, “if you want to be successful, you need to feel more gratitude.” Often clients (and friends) share, “well if I had something to be grateful about, I could be.” Or, “as soon as this happens it will all be good.” Often I think these things myself. But Geoffrey defines gratitude as a muscle that needs to be exercised. And offers a nightly exercise to do so.

I have a few more exercises to throw in, because I don’t know about you, but I can’t be too successful, or too grateful:

  • Notice something in the moment – often it’s possible to notice something in each moment or situation that we can be grateful for. For me it’s often as simple as noticing the sunshine or the breeze. That moment refreshes me and fuels. Me.
  • Find something even when there’s nothing – recently my daughter’s friend came to me because she needed an adult to talk with about something that was tormenting her. It was an emotional evening, and a bit daunting at times, but I remembered to feel grateful that I was someone she felt she could talk to, so that she could feel less alone. There is often something to be grateful for, even in the toughest of moments.
  • Make something – as a last resort, it’s often possible to conjure up something for which we can be grateful. If we intentionally crack a joke with a colleague, we can be grateful for the laughter. When we spend a few extra moments with a child, we can be grateful for the pleasure of their company. When we go out of our way to help a colleague through a challenge, we can be grateful for that.

Let’s practice Geoffrey’s advice and The True Secret to Success, and be grateful we have the chance.

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