“Of course that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.”
~Dennis Miller

I am convinced that there would be less conflict in life – even in the world – if more of us were willing and able to admit that we might be wrong. Whenever I get most stuck with colleagues, clients, or family members, it is invariably because both parties (noticeably myself included) are convinced that they are right. That their opinion is “Truth,” and that this Truth is the only real and valid truth.

I’ve come to realize that there very rarely, if ever, is a Truth with a capital T. Everyone has their own opinion, their own perspective. I’ve learned from my unique viewpoint gazing into the inner workings of individual clients and organizations that everyone’s perspective is their truth…and that there can easily be more than one truth at a time.

I coach my clients to learn to accept others’ truths as possible truth. To be willing to see their own truth as just an opinion. To be open to another way to solve a problem, another interpretation of the facts at hand, another perspective. This openness allows an amazing freedom that comes from not being tied to being the one with the right answer. Of course, that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

Where are you convinced that you are right? How could you see this as simply your opinion?

Challenge yourself to be more open to others’ opinions and less tied to your own.

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