“There is no try, only do.”

Many of us probably remember Yoda from our childhood – that small creature from Star Wars who taught Luke Skywalker to trust in himself and in the Force. Many of us probably never thought twice about Yoda’s guidance, although we remember it well. I think Yoda actually had great advice for us all.

So often we try something new. We try a new behavior. We try to finish a task we’ve had before us for some time. We try to act nicer, calmer, more thoughtful, more assertive, etc., and yet trying doesn’t necessarily get us to our ultimate destination.

If we focus on simply “doing” what it is we want to do, our chances of succeeding are much greater. Recently, in our office, we contemplated taking substantial amounts of time off during the summer – to live our own beliefs and teachings about balance in life. I suggested that we “try” to do it this year. My partner responded with, “Let’s not try to do it, let’s just do it.” And we did. If we had only “tried,” it still might be a dream for someday.

Focusing on doing something puts more conviction in your attempts and your attitude. It makes you less likely to give up, go only half-way, or decide to “try again later.” By focusing on doing rather than trying, you might not make it all the way, but you definitely have a stronger chance of getting closer to your ultimate goal.

Where are you only trying and not simply doing? Identify something you’ve thought you should try to do and simply do it.

Carve out the time and energy, and give it your all.

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