“I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.”
~Oliver Wendell Holmes

As a coach I am graced with being able to watch the movement of my clients. It is truly a blessing and offers great perspective – perspective I might not have if I were only observing my own self and life.

It’s my sense that we all tend to judge ourselves by where we stand – by what is happening right now, what our circumstances are, who we are with, what we are doing, what our immediate results and accomplishments are – and that’s not always the best criteria with which to judge ourselves. It’s not in where we stand that enriches us but rather where we’ve come from, how well (and sometimes how fast) we’ve moved, and, most importantly, what direction we’re moving in and how we’ll reach our goal.

It’s this “what direction we’re moving in” that eludes most of us when we look at ourselves, and it’s this “what direction we’re moving in” that is most important. Seeing that and knowing that will give us a sense of movement and accomplishment – and also a reality check as to whether or not we’re heading in the direction we want. By acknowledging the direction we’re moving in we can be more aware of our progress, more patient with our process, more celebratory of our movement towards our final destination, and more likely to reach our goals.

Look down at where your feet are in order to be present in the moments of your life…and remember that it’s also important to be fully aware of the scenery passing you by in each moment, so that we can acknowledge and reinforce the direction in which we are moving.

Stop and notice where you are – and then also take note of how far you’ve come and in which direction you’re heading…and then keep on towards your goals.

Where are you not aware of the direction in which you are moving? How can you be more aware and what does that have to teach you?
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