The other day I was at a Women’s Leadership event, and I was struck by the power and charisma of one of the speakers. She was relatively young – in her thirties, African-American, and poised to step into leadership of the privately-owned firm founded by her father – within a largely male-dominated industry. She was amazing, and she also had, at least from the outside, so many potential challenges and obstacles in front of her.

I approached her during one of the session breaks and asked whether or not she worked with a coach. She replied that she didn’t, and I blurted out “Oh, you really deserve to have a coach to support you.” I think the word deserve caught her attention and even caused her pause, because she looked up at me. “Deserve?” she questioned. “I thought that I might need coaching, but I never thought of it as something I might deserve.”

I quickly explained to her, as I explain to others often, that the support of a coach is a gift we give ourselves – when we want more clarity, intention (or purpose), success, and even balance in our lives. “I don’t care whom you find to support you,” I offered, “I just suggest as strongly as I can that you find someone. A coach can be your cheerleader, mirror, brainstorming companion, accountability partner. A coach can truly help you do what you say you want to do – and help you lead your organization more effectively, successfully, and impactfully.”

I think it’s clear to anyone who speaks with me about coaching that I firmly believe in its value, and that I love being a coach and partnering with my clients. I also love being coached. Through my own partnership with my coach I’ve gathered greater levels of insight than I ever could have on my own; numerous ideas for potential solutions to challenges I’ve faced; incredible amounts of support through tougher times in my business and life; the opportunity to reflect, to grow, to imagine an even better future and stronger Chatsworth Consulting Group, and to challenge myself to be the best I can be.

On that day I offered to send this woman our quick Are you ready for coaching? self-assessment to help her see how she might benefit from a coaching relationship and whether she was, in fact, ready to support herself with a coach. I offer the same assessment to you. Click here to see if you’re ready for coaching – and find yourself someone who can help you lead and live as you were meant to.

What benefits have you gained from partnering with a coach? Please leave a comment.

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